Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join as a member?

  • Beauty, Skin Care & Cosmetic Service Providers such as Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Estheticians, Beauticians, Beauty Salons, Hair Salons, Spas & more.

  • Beauty, Skin Care & Cosmetic Employment and Career Counseling Service Providers.

  • Beauty, Skin Care & Cosmetic Event Management Service Providers.

  • Beauty, Skin Care & Cosmetic Product Merchants be it retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers or others.

  • Beauty, Skin Care & Cosmetic Equipment, Devices, Furniture & Accessories' Merchants including retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers.

  • Universities, Colleges and other institutions of learning providing courses & programs in beauty, skin care & cosmetics.

  • Beauty, Skin Care & Cosmetic Industry Organizations.

  • Beauty, Skin Care & Cosmetic Publishers such as publishers of books, magazines, reports, journals, blogs & vlogs.

What are the benefits of membership?

It depends on the type of membership.The Business Membership provides the most benefits.

We list below some of the benefits under Business Membership:

  • Publishing of Videos, Events, Articles, Photo Albums, Job Vacancies, Classified Ads, Audio Files, Coupons & Courses or Programs

  • Listing of Beauty, Skin Care & Cosmetic Products, Equipment, Devices, Furniture and Accessories.

  • Display of phone number and website link on the member profile page.

  • Customer Referrals.

  • Customer Reviews.

See our Join Today page for a full list of benefits for each type of membership.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes you may cancel your membership at any time. Upon cancellation, your monthly renewal will be deactivated and you will not be charged for the next renewal month. Please note that you will not be refunded for the loss of unused membership days, if any, during the cancellation month. Hence we suggest that you cancel such that the cancellation date and your monthly expiry date coincide, leaving no loss of unused membership days.

Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes, you may upgrade your membership to the next level at any time. Please be advised that the no-refund policy for unused membership days upon cancellation (see note 3 above) equally applies to unused membership days upon upgrades. In case it matters to you, please take care to upgrade at the most opportune time to avoid loss of unused membership days, if any.

Can I make suggestions and provide feedback?

We encourage our members (and for the matter anyone) to make suggestions and provide feedbacks. We strongly believe that if we concentrate on improving our members’ business and make that our core value, then automatically our business too will improve in tandem. Whilst we welcome suggestions and feedbacks and promise to consider and evaluate every one of them, we cannot promise that all suggestions and feedbacks will be implemented, as that would be practically impossible.

Can I sign up for a yearly contract?

Currently we do not provide yearly contracts. We may consider this later, depending on demand. If you prefer a yearly contract, please register your interest by contacting us, so that we can appraise the level of demand for the same.

Would you be making changes to your website to improve user experience and to improve members’ businesses?

Be rest assured that we are constantly on the lookout to improve user experience and find ways and means to improve our members’ businesses.

Can I list custom categories I specialize in?

You may skip the categories of specialties provided by us and list the custom categories you specialize in. To do so, under the Manage Profile>Listing Details page, skip selection of categories and then under the Manage Profile>About Me page, enter the categories you specialize in. Please also send us a note of the custom categories created by you, so that we can monitor the popularity of your custom categories, and include them in our list if appropriate.

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