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Dr. Veronique Simon, Anti-Aging skin care, Simon Therapie

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Dr Veronique Simon is a world renowned dermatologist, a fully qualified doctor of medicine, she's a specialist in the field of skin biology.

For over 15 years she has worked with an international client list, including some of the most beautiful women in the world, from film stars to royal families from her private practice in Paris.

Dr. Simon has formulated her Simon Therapie range of products, in keeping with the 3 rules of dermatology known to prevent aging exfoliate, hydrate and nourish & fight free radicals. 

The story of Dr. Veronique Simon's uniquely innovative skin care regime began with a groundbreaking discovery in the emirates 2 decades ago.

While treating members of the royal family she discovered a precious plant only found in semi- desert areas.  

The plant cells contain tiny spikelets, the PHYTOCYTES which when massaged into the face penetrate the skin surface, creating a unique regenerating effect on the skin cells beneath.  

More effective than a regular exfoliator and without drying the skin like acid peels, this miraculous plant had been used for skin care in ancient Egyptian times but had never before been used in modern cosmetology.

The result is the worlds first and only natural non acidic micro peel.

The main thing, the woman needs to address is slackening, here , here, is so important.

Her revolutionary approach has been the formulation of the acid free peel, the holy grail for anti slackening.

To prevent slackening, it's important to stimulate skin renewal.

Dr. Simon realized that existing treatments and products for natural micro peeling, were ineffective, or at their worst damaging to the skin. With the Simon Therapie Gold Acid Free Micro Peel, the worlds first acid free peeling, elimination is natural, effective and gentle.

Penetrating deep into the skin, removing more dead skin cells from within, this unique process has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of surface wrinkles, by 61% in 5 weeks.

Dr Simon's Complement is not a cream, but a pure extract of anti-oxidants to fight damaging free radicals.

As we get older skin cells must be protected against harmful free radicals. As soon as we breath the oxygen builds free radicals which damage the cells.  

In response Dr. Simon, developed a unique natural complement of anti-oxidants. This complement is the first on the market to use a pure concentrate of anti radical vegetable extracts.

For a double preservation, Dr Simon recommends applying a light layer of the complement onto the skin before applying the diamond face contour moisturizer.

In tests when mixed together this duo of anti aging products has been clinically proven to achieve a remarkable 75% boost in anti radical effectiveness in the skin.

Existing anti radicals skin care products have only ever achieved a boost of 3.5%.

Dr. Veronique Simon knows the the ratio of oil and water in effective moisturization is crucial.

Too much water creates a very light lotion which may appear to be quickly absorbed into the skin, in fact the water is simply evaporating.

It's a rich moisturizer, water and oil for dry, sensitive and fragile skin and there is some microscopic particle of diamond to give luminosity.

This rich cream, the Diamond Face Contour moisturizer, is most effective applied morning and night to the face and neck. This natural product provides specific nutrients, among them an Indian plant extract to nourish and hydrate, dry and fragile skin, whilst diminishing wrinkles smoothing the surface of the skin and sculpting the contours of the face.

These innovative products are developed on a basic 3 step principal to achieve a naturalistic youthful radiance.

And these simple to use at home products are available at accessible price points, starting from just £47.

With Simon Therapie it's the first time that a woman can look fabulous well into their 40's and 50's and even more, it's a turning point.

Dr Veronique Simon's accessible 3 step product range can be used to achieve and then maintain these fantastic results long term at home.

We're at the beginning of a skin care revolution and every woman can age gracefully with my Simon Therapie products. 

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